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Principal's Page

Dawana Coleman, Middle School PrincipalNorth College Hill Middle School serves more than 400 students in grades 5-8. The district's mission statement, "Students to achieve their highest potential in a safe, caring, and respectful environment. achieve their highest potential, which will result in success for every student, every day. - Education is the responsibility of the entire community. - All individuals have value”.
North College Hill Middle School offers honors courses as well as a select number of classes for high school credit. NCH Middle school offers the following specials courses: Health, STEM, Band, Wellness, General Music, Physical Education and Design & Modeling.
At North College Hill Middle School, we strive to instill academic and behavioral excellence in students. NCH middle school aims to develop a sound mind in a fit body so that students can be developed into resilient and rational thinkers, adequately prepared for the future. The students are tasked with high academic experiences daily, by all staff.
We do this by implementing Conscious Disciplines which empowers students to self-regulate. The Seven Powers help with creating long-term, lasting success by guiding students and staff to become conscious, present, attuned and responsive to the needs of ourselves and children. A large percent of our staff has been trained and work daily to implement CD with fidelity.