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Positive Incentives and Celebrations

Trojan Buck
Trojan Bucks are used to reinforce positive student behaviors within the building. Students can earn Trojan Bucks for following school-wide expectations.
PBIS Store
The PBIS store is a school-wide store where students can spend their Trojan Bucks to purchase items from the following list. Our PBIS store is held once a month immediately after school.
Grid with prices
Here at NCH MS we periodically reward students on an individual, group, and whole school basis with celebrations that acknowledge progress and success in meeting behavioral and academic goals.
Here is a list of our whole school incentives:
Staff vs. Student Game
Pep Rally (Semesterly)
7th/8th Grade Kings Island Trip
School Dances: 7th/8th, and 5th


5th/6th/7th/8th Awards Assemblies (Quarterly)


5th/6th/7th/8th  Student of the Month (Monthly)


5th/6th/7th/8th Student of the Year


8th Grade Recognition Commencement

Hot Fry’Days Attendance (Weekly)


Ice Cream/Popcorn/PBIS Store (Monthly)


Final Fridays – Spirit Wear Tops (Monthly)

Halloween/Christmas Store (Seasonal)

*All students are able to participate in the positive based activities written above as long as they meet the following requirements: NO MORE THAN 1 referral within that particular quarter, and it CANNOT be a suspension referral. If a student has 2 referrals, they will have the opportunity to “WORK OFF” one of the referrals in order to participate in the incentive for that particular quarter.